Digital wallpaper action in Yoygakarta.

This time last year (before our move to Tasmania) we spent 3 months in Yoygakarta, The plan was to screenprint some wall paper at the fantastic Krack! studio. However, my husband and I contracted a mosquito-borne virus called Chikungunya which made it impossible for me to physically print editions. It did, however, open up the idea of digitally printing wallpaper. The first image below is printed in cyan, magenta and yellow, so that lighting it with (or viewing it through) different coloured gels causes layers of the image to appear and disappear.  I also had another lot of paper printed for Krack!'s 3d exhibition, using a toile-style design that incorporated sketches made for my etchings. This (second image) pops out in layers when viewed through traditional blue-red 3D glasses.