Orogeny Print Symposium

Orogeny Print Symposium September 2016

Orogeny is a three-day Tasmanian Print Symposium coordinated by the Tasmanian College of the Arts and The Henry Jones Art Hotel. It is included in the Print Council’s Year Of Print 2016 calendar of events, a nationwide celebration of the PCA’s 50th anniversary. 

Scratching and gouging.

Scratching and gouging.

Orogeny is the process where the Earth’s crust is folded and reformed to create mountain ranges. These orogenic folds force old grounds to the surface in massive creative movements.

With this iconography in mind  Antonia Aitken and I facilitated a drypoint workshop using the template of the 'exquisite corpse' as part of the symposium workshop afternoon. There was even a zine ('The Goat') processed in that short period. The Symposium was also attended by most of my TasTAFE printmaking students.