High Heels, Plastic Tiaras and Muddy Puddles

Toile 1355mm (h) x 2000mm(w).

Bauhinia 1355mm (h) x 2000mm(w)

Birds of Paradise 1355mm (h) x 2000mm(w).

Snap-shot 1355mm (h) x 2000mm(w).

And here it is! Finally everything's in place. Click on the soundscape button to get a feel for the work in situ...

Box set of  the snapshots.

View looking back towards the door.

View of the crowd at the opening.

The view down the hall way.

Natasha Rowell, etching



I worked out a long time ago that, as even the best printmakers I know and those most generous with their knowledge are happy to admit, printmaking sometimes has a mind of its own. Like an an unruly child, it does as it pleases. So I thought I'd show you some of my finer moments.

These softgrounds refused to work or be consistent over the two plates.  However, I finally whipped them into shape after commandeering a hotplate (and possibly crying more then once and swearing I'd never use a liquid ground again...). I think having that second plate allowed me to add more colour to the final image, so through my failure I succeeded!

The liquid soft ground attempted in winter and a cold studio


50 prints in a row.

There is nothing like a nice and complex registration puzzle to keep the studio interesting. Thanks to a 3.30 delivery of a cup of tea and toast, I've made it to the end of a massive week. This means  all my intaglio plates are printed for High Heels, Plastic Tiaras and Muddy Puddles. Wallflower will consist of 50 plates/blocks in the end.

Exhibition details for Rosny Cottage 8th April to 1st of May.